Money, it’s gotta be the shoes!

Spike lee

So maybe I didn’t “fly like Mike”, but I DID run for FOUR MINUTES! Little Minion and I started training for a 5k tonight.  I was only able to complete half of the training, but I ran for FOUR MINUTES!  I’ve never done that before!  It’s gotta be the shoes!

Actually, experienced runners will say that’s true. For the last five years, I’ve been traipsing around in the same Easy Spirit walking shoes.  In the end, they became super uncomfortable and made my feet feel painfully fatigued if I walked around in them for any length of time.  It was time to retire the shoes. Marathon Man took me to get professionally fitted for a pair of real running shoes.  What an experience!  The shoes I tried on felt like little puffy clouds surrounding my feet.  It was AWESOME!   I left with a pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire 8.  I have a high arch and a wide foot and Mizuno took care of me on both counts. I’ve been wearing them as a casual shoe since Thanksgiving weekend and I can honestly say “I LOVE THESE SHOES”.

Tonight, though, was the real test. So many times before, I have left the track with achy legs and feet. Was that going to happen tonight? NO WAY!!! My legs and feet feel amazing! Had it not been for my burning lungs, I could have run all night.

If you live in Northwest Indiana, please go see Heather and Todd at Extra Mile Fitness.  They will take time to make sure you have the perfect athletic shoe for YOU.  If you live elsewhere, find a shop that specializes in catering to runners.  They’ll know what to do.

FOUR MINUTES!  It’s gotta be the shoes!


3 thoughts on “Money, it’s gotta be the shoes!

  1. Congrats…and YES it is a lot the shoes. Fitted shoes make a ginormous differnce. Im going to extra mile as soon as they open today. Thanks and keep running. Or wogging as I call what I do. P.s.s Lori shared your great blog with me. And I have some posts on Running etc you might
    chuckle over.

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