Perry the Plateau-pus

I’ve been on this plateau so long, I’ve decided to give it a name. Perry. Perry the Plateau-pus.


It’s been three weeks since I’ve lost any weight, even though I haven’t changed a thing.  I’m tracking on so I don’t consume more than 1,200 calories, making sure they are good calories, taking my Phentermine, and drinking as much water as I can stand.  I should have lost at least 5 pounds by now.

This article lists 10 ways to move past a plateau. Actions like watching what you eat at restaurants, eating more vegetables, and tracking what you eat are all good ideas and things I have been doing as part of my weight loss plan already.

Oh Perry…


3 thoughts on “Perry the Plateau-pus

  1. We liked your post, only because there wasn’t a dislike button! A lot of us are having the same problem over here. (The rest just started their diets in the new year.) From years of dieting and Biggest Loser fanning……I’ve got to say it’s okay. There often comes a point where the pounds are not dropping, or at least as quickly, as they were. It’s nothing to get discouraged about, it happens to the best of us. We like to change it up a little when this happens. (We aren’t experts in the least bit!) We find something new we enjoy doing in the gym to keep us happy and motivated. We hope you find something you like to keep you going too. Good luck! (To all of us)
    -April w/Economy Dentistry

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