Lunchtime perks

Since I started working full-time again, one thing I’ve noticed is that really need that “lunchtime” break.  My job requires that I sit in front of a computer for most of the day.  To stretch my legs and run to grab some thing to eat for lunch helps clear my head and refocus for the rest of the day.

All too often, though,  I was running through drive -thrus or eating “gourmet” burgers and fries in sit-down restaurants.  Hard to imagine why I gained 30 pounds in 10 months, right?  Plus, when meals cost between $5.00-$12.00, well, I might as well just but my debit card in the deep fryer.

I live two miles from my job, so for the last few months, I’ve been going home for lunch. Certainly, it’s been more cost-effective and I can stick to my eating plan because I can’t “have fries with that”.

Of course, if you can’t go home for lunch, that doesn’t mean that you have a free pass to eat at McD’s every day.  You can still pull yourself away from the desk for a healthy lunchtime meal.  Here is a link to 5 easy lunches that you can make and take to work.  They are all under 500 calories and cost less than $8.50 per meal.  The microwave pad tai recipe looks like a lot of fun!  I’m trying that next week.

Here’s to eating healthy!


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