It’s not just about the pounds

Life's a journey, not a destination by Terry Matthews
Life’s a journey, not a destination by Terry Matthews

I’m by no means an expert at anything regarding weight loss.  But, I wanted to share what this novice has learned so far.

“Dropping the baggage” isn’t just about losing physical weight.  That’s the end result of becoming a healthier person in mind, body and spirit.

“Dropping the baggage” is about the Journey to that healthier place.  There many be one or two roads, long or short, to travel.  There may be more…

  • taking time to learn more
  • making good choices consistently about what foods to eat
  • understanding how the body works and why it reacts the way it does
  • moving around more
  • changing bad habits into good ones
  • accepting and embracing one’s imperfections
  • practicing “letting go and letting God” until it’s an art form
  • overcoming the fear of failure
  • allowing self-confidence to shine through again
  • reconciling hurt and sorrow and emerging from it to experience joy

This is the baggage that weighs on our shoulders and keeps our heads down.  The time has come to look up, to rise up, and to drop the things that keep us from being who we are meant to be.  The journey is beautiful, even when it feels like we’re going the wrong way or we’re lost.  We learn so much about ourselves and the world around us along the way.

Live.  Laugh. Love.

And never, ever stop moving forward.


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