“Maybe this is the way God wants you to be.”


Oh Perry the Plateau-pus. You’re still sticking around.

Nope.  Not a pound.  I called my doctor yesterday and, although the nurses didn’t ask anything about my calorie intake or activity level for the last 30 days, the doctor doubled my dosage.  This particular medication comes with a high risk of causing high blood pressure.  But, she said that it’s more important for me to take off the weight than worry about developing high blood pressure.  If I do, there’s a pill for that.

I’m not comfortable with taking that kind of risk.

I was bemoaning to Little Minion this morning that I still haven’t lost any more weight and how frustrating it is.  He said to me “Maybe this is the way God wants you to be.”  Maybe he’s right.  Other than my weight issue, I am very healthy. Maybe God is perfectly happy with His temple.  I know that when Little Minion looks at me, he doesn’t see an obese woman.  He sees his mom who he loves.  I know that when Marathon Man looks at me, he doesn’t see an obese woman either.  He sees his wife, “The One”, who he loves.  I know that when Big Minion looks at me, it’s the same thing.   Same as with my friends.  Sure, everyone supports me and cheers me on, because I want to lose weight.  But, I’m the one who wants it. Everyone else sees who I am, not how much I weigh.  That put things back in to perspective for me.

Little Minion has to be the wisest 8-year old I know.

I am determined to lose 65 pounds this year.  And I’m determined to do it in a smart, sustainable way.  The first task is to kiss Perry the Plateau-pus good bye.  According to this article by the Mayo Clinic (as well as a bunch of my friends), plateaus are normal. The article discusses the scientific reasons why people plateau and offers the follow suggestion to over come it:

  • Reassess your habits. Look back at your food and activity records. Make sure you haven’t loosened the rules, letting yourself get by with larger portions or less exercise.
  • Cut more calories. Reduce your daily calorie intake by 200 calories — provided this doesn’t put you below 1,200 calories. Fewer than 1,200 calories a day may not be enough to keep you from feeling hungry all of the time, which increases your risk of overeating. In addition, this reduced calorie intake should be sustainable. If not, you’ll regain the weight you’ve lost and more.
  • Rev up your workout. Increase the amount of time you exercise by an additional 15 to 30 minutes. You might also try increasing the intensity of your exercise, if you feel that’s possible. Additional exercise will cause you to burn more calories. Consider adding resistance or muscle-building exercises. Increasing your muscle mass will help you burn more calories.
  • Pack more activity into your day. Think outside the gym. Increase your general physical activity throughout the day by walking more and using your car less, or try doing more yardwork or vigorous spring cleaning.

The 1,200 calorie thing carries some validity with me.  I was trying to keep my calories under 1,000 and, hence, may have created my own wall.

So, with a little help from my friends and loved ones, I’m going to continue to make adjustments until I find the thing that works.   And in the meantime, I’m going to try harder to not necessarily see number on the scale, but rather the image of me that others see.

Live. Laugh. Love.


One thought on ““Maybe this is the way God wants you to be.”

  1. Personally I have had a lot of health problems. 13 surgeries in 22 months and beat cancer. I was told of risks with medications and blood pressure. He explained like this. You have a higher risk of heart problems plus much more with the weight I was at than any medication or surgery. I couldnt lose weight / stayed same weight for a year before I gave in. Now I’m 13pounds from my goal weight! Hang in!

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