Do I need a running buddy? Yes, please!

Little Minion, Marathon Man and I were at the gym a couple of days ago running /walking on the track. I began one of my one-minute runs and Marathon Man strode up to “keep pace” with me. Beside being super sweet and supportive (he high-five’d me when I finished my minute), I had an important realization. I really liked having someone run with me. I see now why runners train in groups. It’s not so that no one gets lost, it’s because running with someone provides a special kind of support. This article from lists some reasons why it’s good to run with a partner. As a running novice, I particularly see how:

A partner can help troubleshoot your running form. Have him or her look at your stride and point out what you’re doing wrong
Partners are good pacesetters. If you have a hard day planned, call Speedy. He or she will keep you honest. Likewise, if you want to be sure to run easy, set a running date with Slowpoke.
If you’re apt to miss running days for no good reason, a running partner will help. You won’t want to disappoint a friend by being a no-show.

Couple Running2
Not us

Although Marathon Man runs a 9-minute mile, he’s agreed to slow things down a bit three times a week and run with me (in addition to his regular runs). He’s super awesome :).
Perry the Plateau-pus is STILL hanging around. I’ve added 200 “good” calories to my eating plan to help jump start things. We’ll see. The good news is that I’m beginning to feel like I have more energy and balance throughout the day. So, even if I don’t lose any more weight, there’s that :D.

Live. Laugh. Love.


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