Stress? What stress?

I’ve gained five pounds in two days. I would understand this if I were on a cruise feasting on gourmet all-you-can-eat buffets. I would understand this if I hadn’t gone to the gym all week. I would understand this if I sat down with a box of Girl Scout cookies and devoured every last chocolatey crumb. But I haven’t done any of this.

I’ve been stressed.

My job isnhair-pulling-woman‘t strenuous, but it’s very stressful. Who’s isn’t, right? Long days. Multiple deadlines, multiple high-importance projects. Reporting to several people all wanting several things at once. I work for a regional non-profit handling all of the marketing and public relations efforts, coordinating our large special event fundrasiers and securing sponsorships for our athletic programs. 90% of my job requires writing and creativity and, when the ideas and words don’t flow, that’s stressful too. Then there’s the uncertainty of the company’s structure in the next few months (we may be merging with another non-profit) and the possible changes that will bring PLUS the impending retirement of our long-time President and the changes that transition is already bringing.

I missed lunch entirely twice this week.

Stress is bad. In this article from the Washington Post, “research found that women with high-stress jobs (where they are subject to many demands but have little control) were 67 percent more likely to have a heart attack than women in less-intense jobs.” 67%! And if that wasn’t bad enough, our bodies store fat when we’re stressed. How fair is that?

Below is a list of things you can do when you’re stres….

Oh crud! I’m late for work!


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