2 days and counting

I finally made it back to the gym today.  Finally!

Marathon Man was gracious enough to be my walking buddy, which was nice.  It’s been awhile since we’ve gone together. We walked for 30 minutes around the track and it felt great!  No old people passed me tonight!  Well, okay.  In all fairness, there weren’t any old people on the track. But still…

Big Minion even joined us for a couple of laps.

It’s two days until I participate in my first 5k. Tomorrow, I get to pick up my first race packet.


I’m so excited!!!!!   I know I’ll probably be the last one finishing the race, but that’s okay.  I’m committed to finishing it. Unfortunately, Marathon Man won’t be joining us for the race after all. It’s still basketball season and he’s going to be calling play-by-play for one of the Regional tournaments.  That’s okay, though.  Little Minion and I can do this on our own.  There’s another 5k in a few weeks and then pretty much every weekend after that through November, so there’s plenty of chances for the four of us to run a race this year as a family.

Marathon Man and Little Minion at the 2012 Chicago Marathon.
Marathon Man and Little Minion at the 2012 Chicago Marathon.

Did I mention he’s our inspiration?


I went to the doctor for my monthly weigh in and BP check today.  I lost a whopping five pounds this month. Still at a total of 35.  I’m not surprised that I’m having a little trouble taking it off.  I’m having a little trouble taking care of myself; lacking balance.  What was really unsettling is a spike in my blood pressure.  133/88!  YOWZER! I’m usually 120/80 or lower.  It’s all due to stress.  Late/no lunches, late dinners, no exercise, and heavy emotional stressors are all taking their toll.  I need to put the brakes on this and fast!  I’m actually going to “see” my doctor next Friday.  Maybe she will prescribe tickets to the Bahamas.

Live. Love. Laugh.

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