Off my meds

I’ve been taking Phentermine since the beginning.  15mg–the smallest dose. I knew that I needed help to either kick-start the weight loss or to see it through to the end.  The caveat is that I need to make monthly visits to the doctor’s office for weight and blood pressure checks.  And, every now and then, the doctor would like to actually like to see me.  Friday was one of the face-to-face appointments.

I hadn’t taken the medication for a week because I ran out.  No weight gain. Good.  No bingeing. Better.  Feeling confident that I know what I’m doing and am entrenched in my good habits. Best.

She wrote me a prescription “just in case”, but was happy to hear that I will forgo filling it for the time being.

Still treading under 40 pounds, but with consistent fat-burning exercise, I’ll have that whipped.

Yep. I have this under.con.trol.

And then I ate eight Girl Scout cookies this afternoon at work.

Good thing I didn’t throw away that prescription.

See you at the gym.

The work of Satan himself.
The work of Satan himself.

Live. Laugh. Love.

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2 thoughts on “Off my meds

  1. HEy! I just snarfed a bunch of those myself. Phentermine is AWESOME. I got to my wedding weight in one month…just not feeling hungry made a huge difference. WHERE is your doctor? I think it could really help me but want to do it through a doctor like I did before.

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