Ask and ye shall receive

It’s funny how the Holy Spirit works.   My Sisters in Christ and I call little coincidental moments “Holy Ghosties”, because, in truth, there are no coincidences.

I have been feeling WAY off-balance lately.  Work is overwhelmingly off-balance.  I try to give it structure and balance by scheduling an hour or two to work on each project on my plate every day.  There are *that many* hot projects.  And more was just added to my plate today.  It’s the first 11-hour day I’ve worked this year.  And it won’t be the last.  I don’t have a solution for this.  It’s kind of a “nature of the beast” thing.

My weight loss has stalled again due to the stress and lack of balance and structure.  I’ve been tired and unmotivated to go to the gym.  The excuses I can find are endless.  I even bought a Yoga DVD , thinking that I could make use of my lack of motivation to go out.  No dice.  It’s still in the wrapper.  Somehow, though, our after school and evening activities all fall on Mondays and Wednesday now, which leaves the other days of the week free to…say it with me…go to the gym.  I’ve asked the family to commit to going on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We went tonight. Little Minion and Marathon Man swam while I hit the treadmill.  I ran for four minutes and walked/ran a little over a mile.  It felt great and I was proud of myself for going.  Structure. Gotta love it.  I’m hoping that putting some structure in my family time will have a residual effect on my work time.

And then there’s my spiritual life.  Talk about imbalance.  Lent was a disaster for me.  Sure, I fasted and abstained with ease, but that’s kind of been the eating plan I’ve adopted any way.  Not really a sacrifice.  And my Lenten Challenge? Fail.  I’ve mentioned before that I’ve felt like I’m spiritually starving.  That I give, but I don’t receive the nourishment I crave.  It shows in my lack of focus on my youth ministry.  I keep putting thing off because I feel so overwhelmed.  I’ve been praying for some relief.  Some mercy.  Some spiritual food to get me and my life and my attitude back on track.

Then came the “Holy Ghostie”.


Just when I had identified that I need spiritual nourishment, my Church announced sign ups for a Bible Study Class.  Spiritual Food. I signed up immediately.  And, one of my Sisters in Christ is taking the journey with me. I won’t be alone. I really don’t know what to expect, other than I feel like God is making this possible, just for me.  He knows what I need and when I need it.

And He provides.

Live. Laugh. Love.

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