Little Minion ran with me


Not me, but that's how happy I am.
Not me, but that’s how happy I am.


Little Minion and I seemed to have had a pretty good routine going for a few weeks.  We’d go to the gym twice a week, walk around the track, he’d get bored and sit down while I finished my time and then we’d leave.

Yeah.  Total fun for a nine-year old.

He stopped wanting to go to the gym and I stopped making him.

It’s been tough to get him to do physical things with me.  We did toss the football around the back yard a couple of weeks ago.  I’m not saying that he’s not active.  He just finished up basketball season and starts a flag football league this weekend.  And he rode 18 miles on his bike with Marathon Man earlier this month.  He’s active, but we haven’t found something that we like to do together.

Tonight, Marathon Man and I convinced him to take the dog for a walk with us.  He went begrudgingly, but as we were walking, something amazing happened.  I asked him if he wanted to run and he said yes!  We ran a little bit, stopped, and then ran all the way home.

It was AWESOME.  I asked him if he wants to do that again tomorrow.  I got a “Maybe.”  I’ll take that.

Live. Laugh. Love.

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