Friday Faves


Even though it was a short week at work, I’m SOOOO glad the weekend is here!  Cleaning the house, flag football, oh and celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary with family and friends in New Buffalo, MI are what’s on tap this weekend.  Around here, “The days are just packed.”

To mark the start of the weekend, here are a few of my Friday Faves.  Post a comment and let me know if they’re your faves too.

The Brita Water Bottle

l.o.v.e. this
l.o.v.e. this

It’s the reason I drink water.  There’s hard water all around me: at home, at work, at the park.  The Brita bottle has a filter inside which makes the water taste like it’s straight from Lake Michigan instead of some deep well.  It holds up to 22 oz. of water.  Available at Target.

Diseño Malbec Old Vine

The Pope's wine
The Pope’s wine

I’m normally a white wine kind-of-girl, but this malbec is amazing!  Smooth, mild and rich.  Plus it’s from Argentina, as is our Pope.  Marathon Man and I celebrated his election with this wine.  We found it in our grocery store, so it should be pretty available where you are.

Mizuno Wave Inspire

Playing "Hot Potato"

These shoes changed my life.   I have never worn a more comfortable, energizing shoe.  I’m nearing the point of needing a new pair already, because I apparently have lost weight in my feet.  They are a little more loose across the top than they should be.   If you live in Northwest Indiana, go see Todd and Heather at Extra Mile Fitness in Valpo for Mizunos.

Live. Laugh. Love.

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