Joined a dietbet game

Day 1-weigh in verified
Day 1-weigh in verified

I’ve decided that I’m too close to quit this time.  It’s not about how much I weigh, it’s about how I feel.   I long for the energy, the flexibility, the endurance I had years ago.   Or at least the 42-year old version of that.

So, onward…

I joined The Anti-Jared’s dietbet today.  $25 entry fee.  If I lose 8.8 pounds in 4 weeks, I’ll win a share of over $16,000.

Marathon Man is running the Chicago Marathon this year to help raise money for Opportunity Enterprises.  So, to help keep up my motivation, I’ve decided to donate half of my winnings to his run.

Any good tips you can send my way to help me reach my goal?  Please post them in the comments. 

Thanks and wish me good luck!

Live. Laugh. Love.

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