As fearless as a little girl

Marathon Man and I took the boys to New Buffalo, MI for dinner this weekend.  The weather could not have been more perfect, so afterward, we headed down to the beach.

Almost 22 years ago, Marathon Man and I traversed the break wall in New Buffalo Harbor. The wall is made up of huge, rough chunks of limestone.  At the end of the wall, as the sun was setting, he proposed to me.  So, that particular spot has always been kinda special to us.  It is, however, a somewhat dangerous trek and I don’t think that we’ve been to the end of the wall since then.  But, since we were there with the kiddos, we thought we’d treat them to a little of our history.

That's Marathon Man and the minions nearing the end of the wall.
That’s Marathon Man and the minions nearing the end of the wall.

We made our way along the wall, trying to find the easiest path.  It was kind of like horizontal rock climbing.  I dumped my shoes somewhere on the beach early into the trek, but I had Little Minion’s shoes in my hands.  As I was making my way on slanted, jagged limestone, I was getting more and more scared that I would slip and fall.  We came to a large gaping crevice that required a long leap to cross.  Marathon Man and the boys made it across, but I…I was too scared to try.  I couldn’t believe it.  I’d done this before, but now, I froze. I just couldn’t go any father.

I told them to go on without me and I would head back.  I felt embarrassed and defeated, knowing that I was robbing Marathon Man of a potentially special moment and showing the Minions a weakness I didn’t know I had.

I slowly started to creep back down the wall toward the shore.  Each step I took was carefully assessed and deliberate.  As I was pondering a route, an 11-year old girl came rushing past me, bounding along the wall.  She leaped from rock to rock as if it was a game of hopscotch.  She was absolutely fearless, completely unfazed by the danger she was putting herself in by being so care free.

Fearless.  Why aren’t I fearless like that?  I used to be.  I had to have been.  I want to be fearless like that again.  Not just on the wall, but in life.   Sure, I have responsibilities and accountability that she doesn’t.   I have life experience which has taught me that I can get hurt if I’m not careful.  But, she probably was aware that if she slipped she would get hurt too.  The difference is that risk was but a fleeting thought for her.

I want to be fearless like that little girl.  So, I leaped over a crevice and bounded down the wall toward the shore.  And, I decided that very moment to live my life fearlessly; to not worry if I slip or fall along the way.  If I did fall, I would just get up and continue on, right?

I want to live fearlessly and find out what this life truly has waiting for me.

Live. Laugh. Love.

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