Success is 22.2 pounds away

success image

I reached my dietbet goal today.  I’ve lost 8.8 pounds in three weeks with a week to spare.  The trick now is to keep it off (and maybe lose a little more) until my final weigh-in on July 15.  If I do, then I win a share of $19,925.  Pretty cool.

But here’s something cooler.  I’ve lost enough weight that for the first time in years (maybe decades), I’m not the heaviest person in my house.  That alone makes me feel pretty darn awesome.

I’ve changed my eating habits.  I’m drinking more water and less wine.  I’m walking with Little Minion more often.  All resulting in  a loss of 58 pounds since October 28, 2012.  Only 22 to go before I hit my goal and 32 for my stretch goal.

Success is just ahead.

Live. Laugh. Love.

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