Time to own, I mean tone, up

Not me, but it could be.
Not me, but it could be.

I’ve mentioned before that although I’ve lost 63 pounds so far, only a few people in my circles have actually noticed and commented on it.  More likely, it’s me who’s mentions it followed by a shocked look on my listener’s face.  Shocked, because it’s a big number, but also, they’re probably thinking, gosh, she looks practically the same.  And, honestly, with clothes on, I do look pretty much the same.  I still have flabby arms (and now sagging skin), a wide rear and hips, and a round face.  If I want my body to transform the way my weight and attitude have, I need to start toning up.  Ugh.

I’ve been putting off the next step for three reasons:

1) I’m scared that toning up and building muscle will make me gain weight.  Yes, it’s good weight, but for someone who’s finally winning the fight after almost 20 years of battles, the though of seeing the numbers go up again is a little daunting.

2) I really dislike “working out”.  Part of it is a lack of knowledge.  I don’t know how to use machines, which ones to use, etc. That goes for dumbbells, medicine balls and the like too.  I saw this article on toning after weight loss on Livestrong this morning.  It seems simple enough, but see “Reason 1”.

3) Working out is just gross.  I’m not keen on using a machine that some guy just sweat all over, even if he “cleaned it off” when he was through.

From what I’ve read, walking is good for burning calories and great for my heart, but won’t really shape my body.  Running?  Maybe.  I admit, I’m starting to feel the pull.

I’ve heard over and over again that if you don’t like what you’re doing to get fit, you won’t do it and you won’t get fit.

It’s time to find something that I’ll enjoy doing.  Onward…

Live. Laugh. Love.

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2 thoughts on “Time to own, I mean tone, up

  1. Hi,
    Sounds like you are doing really well so far! Well done. What about something like Yoga? It is a good way to tone and it is slow paced. Alternatively, Zumba which is fast paced but quite fun so you kind of forget you are exercising. Plus, they are both class led so you just have to do what the instructor tells you and you don’t need machinery. Anyway, just a thought. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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