The 10 Best Days of Your Life…so far

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At Mass yesterday, in the midst of his homily, the priest relayed a story about St. Peter’s greeting at the Pearly Gates. Before entering the gates of Heaven, it’s been said that St. Peter asks the question “what were the 10 best days of your life?”.

Not that I wasn’t paying attention during the rest of the Mass, but that question got me thinking.  What are the 10 best days of my life?

What a hard question.  I’ve been around for approximately 15,667 days and a lot of those have been great days!  How can I pick just 10?  It’s important to remember and be grateful for the wonderful moments we’ve been given, otherwise, that may be all we get :).

This is kind of a “work in progress” list, but here are my 10 best days…so far.  In no particular order…

1) The day Marathon Man gave me a note that said “I choose you”.

2) The day I found out I was expecting Little Minion.

3) The day I threw Marathon Man a surprise birthday party.

4) My 40th birthday girls only! wine tour.

5) Day 2 of the “Christ Renews His Parish” retreat as a participant.  I was one of the ones whose feet were washed by Fr. Joe.

6) Driving my first car for the first time.

7) The day I gave my testimony to the federal Commission on National and Community Service.

8) The day Marathon Man’s Mom and I shopped for wedding dresses.

9) My first actual date with Marathon Man.

10) Every day that Big Minion wants to volunteer with me.

This list could go on and on and on.  I’m so grateful for the 10 Best Days of my life so far.  I’m grateful for the 10 Worst Days of my life so far, because they too, have shaped who I am.  And I’m grateful for every day between.  Here’s to many, many more of all of them.

Live.  Laugh. Love.

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