New schedules, new dietbet and this week’s meals


This school year has been kicking my a**. And we’re only 10 days in.

Marathon Man (who is injured and probably won’t run this year’s Chicago) is coaching his high school’s tennis team for the first time. It’s been great for him and he’s having fun, but he’s been getting home at least after 6:30 every night. Now, he’s started teaching Religious Ed on Mondays and he’s broadcasting high school football again, so he’s getting home much later on Fridays. The responsibility to feed and shuttle the Minions to hither and yon after school and evening activities has shifted to me. We all just suddenly got so busy! Since I don’t leave my job until after 5:00 most nights, plus throwing in the fact that I don’t really cook…

can't cook

…figuring out dinners has been quite a challenge. We’re trying a new strategy this week. I actually created the dinner menu for the week. I searched around online to find easy dinners that are under 500 calories, since we all need to eat a little better. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Cheese omelets with tater tots
Cheese/Potato pierogi with Polish Sausagemade this tonight and it worked out well. I baked the pierogi using Pam non-stick spray and sauteed the sausage with just a little bit of olive oil. Delish!
Easy Chicken Parmesan with veggies
Beef & Noodle Soup
Baked chicken and carrots

I also started a new dietbet today. It’s being run by Hannah and Olivia from The Biggest Loser. Right now, the pot is over $32,000! If I lose 4% of my body weight (8.3 lbs.) in 28 days, I’ll win a share of that. The last dietbet I did, I won $45.00. I need something to get the weight loss going again and I think this will do the trick. It’s not too late to join the dietbet if you want to have some fun and win a little cash! I also started exercising using a 0-100 squats app. I LOVE THIS! I’m up to 56 squats a day after only three weeks. I start week 4 tomorrow (providing I get over this semi-flu thing).

BTW..Little Minion and I completed our 2nd 5k this year and we both posted new PRs. It was a super challenging course, but we had a great time!


Back to the whirlwind called my life.

Live. Laugh. Love

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