Stress = plateau?

I think that Perry the Plateau-pus has decided to make me his “forever home”.  It sure feels that way.  I thought I had a breakthrough over the weekend, but alas, Monday and Tuesday came and so did the pounds.

Looks like Perry the Plateau-pus is back.
Looks like Perry the Plateau-pus is back.

I’ve only kept off a net 5 pounds since mid-July and I’ve really struggled as to why.  I’ve also noticed that my lower body hasn’t been responding to my exercise the way that my upper body has. I’ve lost eight inches in my chest, but only four in my hips.  It’s not because of eating badly or too much.  It’s not for a lack of targeted exercise.

I think it’s because of stress.  This article discusses how cortisol may be the culprit behind my plateau. Your body releases cortisol when you are under stress.  Cortisol can do a lot of bad things to your fitness ambitions, including slowing down your metabolism.  So, even though I’m trying to speed up my metabolism by exercising and eating healthier foods or giving my body less to metabolize, the higher amount of cortisol that my body is releasing is defeating my efforts.  That’s what seems to make the most sense anyway.

When I first began this journey almost a year ago, my doctor asked if this was the right time.  My family was going through a very difficult time and she was concerned that I was going to struggle with the weight loss because of my stress.  I balked, of course, and started losing weight almost immediately.  Thankfully, haven’t had a traumatic event occur in my life recently like the one last year, but in retrospect, there’s been a steady stream of change in my little world since, well, mid-July.  Most of it has been change for good, but stressful and challenging nonetheless.  Although sometimes I feel I can take on everything that comes my way, I’m not Wonder Woman.

Not me, but I used to dress up like her when I was a kid.

So what’s next? My life isn’t going to get any less stressful until at least mid-November.  I still really want to reach my goal and lose 15 more pounds by December 31st.  That’s not going to happen if I don’t de-stress.  This article lists five things that you can do to manage stress.  The first thing I might try is switching from coffee to green tea.  I’ve heard that green tea has quite a few health benefits and may be a better way to start the morning than a jolt of java.

What do you do to manage stress? Leave a comment below.

Live. Laugh. Love.

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One thought on “Stress = plateau?

  1. Love Platty! That made me smile! You can do it! In my personal life caffeine just leads to more stress because it gets me so wound up… good luck and keep working hard 🙂

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