Real faith, true faith


I always like Fr. Joe’s homilies. They’re humorous, straight-forward, to the point and warmly delivered. He reminds me of my dad.

Tonight, he captured my attention by talking about real faith, true faith. He described four characteristics of real faith, true faith, but honestly, I was so struck by the first one that I only remember three.

In addition to real faith being powerful and servant-like, real faith is patient. Hmm. Real faith is patient, huh? I like to think my faith is pretty real, but I wouldn’t exactly say that I’m the “poster child” of patience. I’m kind of driven, actually, constantly trying to move agendas forward. People who are closest to me have described me as a “warrior” or a “bulldog” or “stubborn”, someone who insists on justice. That doesn’t exactly fall in line with what Fr. Joe was defining as patience. In terms of real faith, patience is “letting go” of all of that and “letting God”.

We think we have needs. We have a plan that goes awry and we want to challenge God for the answer. Worse yet, we think that WE are the ones who have the ability to change things. We cannot. We cannot without Prayer. As I was listening to Fr. Joe talk about patience, the story of Moses came to mind (we just watched VeggieTales “Moe & The Big Exit” last night). God’s people, the Israelites, waited patiently for generations to be delivered from the captivity of the Egyptians. Although they were mistreated and maligned, they were faithful, patient and prayed. God heard them and sent a Great Deliverer.

How many times have I been IMPATIENT about something in my life and tried to change it on my own? Know what happened? It turned out to be a disaster. But the few times that I have been patient and trusted that God has a plan for me and let Him settle the dust, the result has been better than I could have imagined.

Since my every day life and every day interactions should be a reflection of my faith, my prayer this week is to be more patient in everything I do.

Live. Laugh. Love.

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