Vacation (day)

I’m on vacation!  For the next 24 hours anyway.

Wish I was here…
dream vacation

Instead, I’m here…

rainy day
not my house, but it sure is gray and rainy today

But, I’m going to make the most of the day.  Starting with a little blog time, a little yoga, and a hot healthy homemade breakfast.

After that, I’ll do just enough housework to make the visible areas presentable for our party guests tonight.  This afternoon, I’ll shop for Halloween candy and supplies for the party.  I’ll pick up Little Minion from school, reliving my days as an at-home mom and get everything ready to celebrate my favorite non-religious holiday.

No checking the work email.  No texting co-workers with a reminder or great idea.  If I have one, I’ll write it down for tomorrow.  Today, I’m on vacation.   And I’m going to make every minute count.

Live. Laugh. Love.

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