Grateful that I’m not alone


For the month of November, I’m selecting 30 things to either improve upon or be grateful for.  Starting with this:

I’m grateful that I’m not alone.

God has surrounded me with people who love me and care about me.  I know that they would do anything for me, if I only asked.  I’m grateful for my children, because to paraphrase “Jerry Maguire”, they complete me.  I’m grateful that I can share my joys and sadness, successes and failures, elation and anxiety with a loving, compassionate, patient man whose commitment to me is unwavering.  I’m actually super grateful for all of that.

In Mass last weekend, the readings focused on God’s intent that we not go through life alone.   He designed us all so that we can lean on one another, work with one another, build a life with one another.  I admit that I’m not very good at leaning on others or letting others lean on me.  At times, because I don’t always share my burden, it weighs me down so much that when someone comes to me for help, it feels too much to bear and I turn them away.   I have ended up not being a very good friend or a good Christian, for that matter.  So, in these 30 days, I’m going to work on sharing.  If I can let others be a greater help to me, I’ll be a greater help to others.

Live. Laugh. Love.

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