Thoughts on Meditation

I’ve often wanted to try meditation. To get to that quiet place I’ve heard about deep within my soul and discover my inner peace.

It’s a bit if a challenge, though, when you’re surrounded by noise. There’s the noise of the environment, which can be easily removed.

And then there’s the internal raucous, which is much harder to push away. The rushing and drifting thoughts. The need to “do” something. The checklists and reminders that fill the brain. The negative thoughts that have been secretly sailing in the subconscious harbor. That noise is much more difficult to quell.

I’ve long wondered what it would be like to be a peaceful and calm person. To wake up free from anxiety and worry. To be unruffled by the day’s challenges. A strong faith is supposed to do that. Clearly, I have a ways to go.

The Catholic Church encourages meditation as an aid in the faith journey, but warns against human expectation.

The Church teaches “Meditation can be an important aid to faith that strengthens and matures the human person. Nevertheless, techniques of meditation that promise to bring about an experience of God, or even the soul’s union with God, are deceptive. On account of such false promises, many people believe that God has abandoned them just because they do not perceive him. But God cannot be compelled to show up by particular methods. He communicates himself to us whenever and however he wishes.” (YOUCAT question 504)

Today’s 30 day challenge is to try harder to hear and feel God’s presence and peace amongst the noise.

I’m grateful for the moments of peace I find.

Live. Laugh. Love.


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