Time to blow it up!

reset buttonI’m hitting the reset button.

Starting today, I’m wiping the slate clean of all of the things that I’ve tried to reach my weight loss goal.  No more “it worked once before, even though it’s not worked since, but I’m going to keep doing it anyway”.  No more rabbit trails.  I’m going to act as if it’s October 27, 2012 and I haven’t lost a pound.  I’m going to start from scratch.

I haven’t kept off any more weight in several months.  It’s quite a plateau I’m sitting on, that’s for sure.  It seems that no matter what I try, I can’t get past the 67 pound mark.  What’s worse is that I’ve had a rapid weight gain that I can’t really explain.  I’ve put on seven pounds since January 1!!  Nope, haven’t been on a cruise with lavish buffets, didn’t spend a night in a bakery, haven’t binged on Christmas sweets.  I can’t really explain it.  But, clearly, what I’m doing is not working anymore.

I’m going to hold on to the basics of what I’ve learned about healthy eating; drink lots of water, eat lots of vegetables and lean meats, stay as clear as possible from processed foods.  But, that, too, has only gotten me so far.  Honestly, it’s time to blow it up.

As I did back in October of 2012, I’m visiting my doctor to get her take on it.  Maybe that will result in new calorie goals, a new fitness regimen, a new medication or a referral.  She was my starting point back then and she’ll be my starting point now.

I’m not giving up and I’m not giving in.

I still have plenty of weight to lose.  I know I can do this.

“Don’t dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next. Spend your energies on moving forward toward finding the answer.” ~Denis Waitley

Live.  Laugh.  Love.

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2 thoughts on “Time to blow it up!

  1. You are absolutely right! Giving up is not the answer and starting over with a visit to the Dr will make sure that there’s nothing out of balance. I pray you find the answer and I’ll be watching your progress. 🙂

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