The game changer has changed

game changerSo…I visited my doctor today.  Apparently, I haven’t seen her in almost a year.  She remarked how different I looked and sounded and that when she came in, she was unsure that she was remembering who I was.  And then, as she was looking at my chart and saw the weight loss history, she realized why she was confused.  I lost weight :).

I ran down my fitness trials and tribulations of the last six months for her.  She said my first mistake was when I transitioned my exercise from walking to squats.  I may have been doing 82 squats a day, but that wasn’t burning enough calories.  What I need to do now is burn calories. I pointed out that when I started this journey over a year ago, she was adamant that cutting calories was the key and that (because of my age) exercise was good but not the game changer.  She explained that that was 60 pounds ago.  NOW, the game changer is sweaty, heart rate raising aerobic exercise.

Now, I know that people who are into fitness are probably saying “well, duh!”, but this was news to me.  Good news, actually.

My doctor wants me to still monitor my calorie intake and keep it at about 1500-1700 per day and get sweaty for 60 minutes five times per week.  I can even break it in half and exercise 30 minutes in the AM and 30 minutes in the PM.  But I better sweat.

Tomorrow morning, I’m starting the “30-day Shred” workout by Jillian Michaels.  I tried it out last week and got through about 13 minutes until my leg started cramping up.   I’m going to be realistic here and allow myself to grow into this work out.  In the evenings, I will walk/run because it’s time to start training for the “Spirit Run 5k”.  This was the first 5k Little Minion and I did last year.  I’m looking forward to seeing how much my time and endurance improves this year.

Sweaty, heart pumping exercise 5x per week + 1500 calories per day.  That’s the plan and I’m holding myself accountable to it.

Game on!

Live.  Laugh.  Love.

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