Baby steps

I’ve live by the rule that you don’t know what you can’t do.

I didn’t know that I couldn’t do Jillian Michaels’ “30-day Shred”.

I tried three times.  Yowzer.  She may get 400-pound people do to jumping jacks, but this girl was *done* after two circuits in Level 1.

My doctor wants me to do 60 minutes of cardio five times per week.  It would be a lot easier if I had some resources to do that like a treadmill, a “Y” membership, non-icy snow-covered roads and sidewalks.  When our area begins to thaw, I’ll definitely get outside to move.  For now, though, what I do have is a 2×5 space in my bedroom for exercising.  I’ve learned that I really like rolling out of bed, turning on one of my exercise apps on my iPhone, grabbing some hand weights and exercising in that little space.  I’m most likely to work out in the morning, in my room, than even going downstairs and exercising there, where there is more space.  Weird, huh?

This morning, I found the “Daily Cardio Workout” app and tested the free version out. There are three levels: a 5-minute, 8-minute and 10-minute routine.  I tried the 5-minute routine and got sweaty!! I found that I could do all of the sets of the exercises, which was motivating.  I followed that up with five minutes of stretching.

Yep.  I think this will work.  Not intimidating, not hard, challenging and measurable.

We’ll do this again tomorrow for sure.

Live.  Laugh.  Love.

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