Time to get back on track

So, this week was a total bomb.  I gained two pounds :(.  Still at net -80, but still.

Here’s what happened.  On Mother’s Day, I had a beer.  Probably the best tasting beer I’ve ever had.  We went to Greenbush Brewing Company and I had their Sunspot.  This is a fantastic, spicy ale that I could spend the rest of my life drinking.  I also had a turkey bacon melt on multi-grain bread.  Also, super delish!

Greenbush's Sunspot
Greenbush’s Sunspot

The next morning, I woke up two pounds heavier.  Which I expected due to the bread and the beer.

But, those two pounds have not come off.  This week was a fail.  Too much beer (we brought home a six pack), too much wine (Mother’s Day gift), too much bread (no money post Mother’s Day to shop for healthy foods), when pay day hit, we went out to eat (also it was our 21st anniversary) and not enough exercise (the weather was cold and rainy).  I walked five miles this week with my bootcamp instructor…I mean caring friend who is determined to help me reach my goals…but I’ve pretty much abandoned the squats routine for the past couple of weeks.

It’s time to get back on track.  Starting today, I’m back to the no alcohol/no bread of any kind thing for two weeks.   I also started using the Daily Yoga for beginners app, which I like so far.  The sequence I’m working with is 10 minutes long and casual.  None of the poses are exceptionally hard yet, so I’m finishing the routine and feeling like something is being accomplished.

“Nothing will work unless you do.” ~Maya Angelou

My bootcamp sergeant…I mean dear friend…will be here shortly.

Gotta run.  Literally.

Live.  Laugh.  Love.




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