Going the wrong way again

tipping scale

Since I began my journey to a healthier me back in October 2012, I’ve noticed a pattern.  The harder I try to lose weight, the harder it is to lose.

There was the seven-month plateau last year.  No matter what or how much I ate or exercised, nothing happened.  When I stopped “trying”, I lost another 22 pounds.

Here I am again.  I set a weight goal and have been working diligently toward it.  Since Mother’s Day, I’ve gained five pounds.  Yesterday, I started using myfitnesspal.com to track my calories and my exercise.  I walked two miles, did 78 squats, 10 minutes of yoga and 10 minutes of upper body stretching. I stayed on my eating plan–whole grains, high protein and no alcohol.  I ended the day -142 calories (was net 1,168 calories)…and woke up a pound heavier.

How does this happen?!

I don’t buy the “building muscle” argument.  I may not know a whole lot about physiology, but I do know muscles don’t get bigger overnight.

Maybe my data is bad.  I use Map My Run to track distance, pace and calories.  Yesterday, I walked 2 miles in 32:56.  Map My Run calculated that I burned 410 calories.  Myfitnesspal says 112.  I tend to believe Map My Run, because that tracks the actual route, including elevation change. But, maybe I’m wrong. Have you had any experience using these two apps?  Please share below.

“If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.” ~Unknown

Live. Laugh. Love


3 thoughts on “Going the wrong way again

  1. Sorry your struggling with this and you are not alone in weight gaining and losing. Try not to weigh yourself every day. Too depressing for anyone. Look at the calories and portions of your whole wheat that your using. Suggestions: Limit anything with flour or wheat in it. Diet sodas or any thing that has arificial sweetners in it will NOT let your body loose weight. Plain water is the best. Eat more steamed and fresh veggies. If possible eat them plain, same with protein. Grill meats and/or cook them without too much oil. It’s all about changing the way we eat. It doesn’t take long to put on pounds but it sure takes time to loose those same pounds. Give yourself time. Be patient with yourself. Just my 2 cents worth, Love you!

  2. Hi, I use both apps. My fitness pal asks for your duration of exercise and your pace. So if you click jog at 14mins per mile it calculates less calories per minute than run at 10 min per mile as you didn’t go as far. It’s the distance covered that count for calories, so map my run is more accurate. You need to put your bodyweght into the apps to, because it takes more energy to move more mass and it calculates this.
    I weigh myself every day as I think it helps, and I record it on my fitness pal. Yes my weight goes up and down but normally only by about 2 or 3 pounds, so I don’t worry about that as long as the ups are followed by downs within the week. If it goes up and up I know that I need to cut down/ review what I’m eating ( start weighing food instead of guessing).
    I gain weight around my period and also after a long run. After strenuous exercise you get a bit of inflammation in muscles which causes oedema and swelling ( ie water retention) which goes about 2days later as you recover.
    There’s a really good book by gretchen Reynolds called ‘the first 20 minutes’ which reviews some of the science behind weight management and exercise. If you are of a scientific bent it’s worth a read.

    Most of all don’t despair. I’m guessing that you were quite overweight and have lost a significant amount already. Do you have anything to look back on to show yourself how far you have come? Old diaries or memories of things that were more difficult when you were 22lb heavier? Photographs? Or have you needed to buy new clothes?
    You’ve shown that you can do this already, you are one of the successful ones!
    I like the Japanese saying, fall down 7 times, get up 8.
    Keep on trying to keep on succeeding!
    Best wishes, Julie.

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