Doing it on purpose

Sorry for the absence.

There was this…

Big Minion is a high school graduate!
Big Minion is a high school graduate!

Yes, Big Minion is a high school graduate.  We are very proud of him!  He’s starting an undergrad degree in Criminal Justice at a local college in the fall with ambitions to be a law enforcement officer.

Things at work are hectic. Good, but very hectic. There are two major special events this month that I’m primary and secondary coordinator on; our Annual Golf outing (primary) and a big re-branding event that BGCA is leading the local Clubs in nationwide. My mom is coming to town for two weeks on the 16th and Big Minion’s graduation party is the 20th.  July itself is going to go by in a blur and then it will be time for going back to school.  Not that I’m rushing anything.

Here’s some more good news.  It turns out that Map My Run wasn’t reporting very accurately for me.  After a 3-mile walk, the app would report that I burned 750 calories.  Which, led me to believe that I was starting the day with a 750 calorie deficit, subsequently, taking in more calories than I  should have.   Remember that five pounds I inexplicably gained a couple of months ago?  Mystery solved.  I started using and began getting ACCURATE data. That’s all it took.  Well, that’s not *all*.  I also have a dear friend who comes to my house and runs two miles before I saunter down the stairs and join her for a 3-mile walk at 6:00 am.  She does this 3-5 x per week for me. She’s very inspiring (she lost over 100 pounds) and holds me accountable.  I’m down 85 pounds.

Here’s the latest “after”.  The pair of pants Little Minion is holding are pants I wore 85 pounds ago.

85 pounds ago, those fit.
85 pounds ago, those fit.

The OTHER really big news I have is that I’ve finally admitted to myself that….

I don’t like to run.  I just don’t.  I’ll never be a runner and I’m okay with that.

My friend, who I mentioned above, introduced me to speed or race walking.  I LOVE this!!  There is far less impact on the joints and I don’t feel like a lumbering bear. I actually move pretty quickly (for me) with this method. What’s even better is that I am working on all of my problem areas; hips, arms, legs.   Walking 3+ miles like this is a lot of fun for me.

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.”–anonymous

Live.  Laugh. Love.

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3 thoughts on “Doing it on purpose

  1. I love your pants picture! You must be so proud of your achievement when you look at it. It’s hard to believe that you ever filled them as you look so ‘comfortable in your own skin’ as you are. Well done, oh and well done getting your son through high school!

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