Promising beginnings

My two-week vacation/break between jobs is coming to a close.  It’s been really nice not to be tempted to check work emails, texts or handle work stuff when I’m supposed to be away from it all.  I haven’t had a break like this in…ever, I think.

Monday begins a new chapter for me professionally.  I’m already very impressed with this organization’s level of communication and openness in letting me know how welcomed I am.  It’s a good feeling.  In looking back on the path I’ve taken over the last few years, it’s pretty clear to me that this is where God wants me to be; working for a group of people who need advocates and opportunity to live as fulfilling a life as any one else.  I’m hopeful that my work here will be fruitful.

By now, you’ve probably had your fill of reading everybody’s resolutions for 2015 and all the advice from the so-called experts out there lighting the way to a better life.  Luckily, you won’t find any resolutions here.  No goal-setting. No 12-step action plans or dream boards leading to ultimate happiness.  There’s nothing wrong with any of that, mind you.  Many people have found tools like those to be useful.  But, I feel I need to dig my heels in deeper. This year,  I’m making promises. To me, promises are more committal and more difficult to let go or break.  And the things that I want to do this year are going to require A LOT of commitment from me.

I’m writing them down on promise cards.  Some promises I’m making to others, like Marathon Man, and they will get a promise card from me.  Promises that I make to myself, I’ll write down and keep in a visible place as a reminder.

A promise card I gave to Marathon Man.
A promise card I gave to Marathon Man.

Because I said I would will mail 10 promise cards to anyone, anywhere in the world free of charge.  They also have the card as a downloadable file.  Click here to learn more about their promise cards and to order a pack for yourself.

Since I’m starting a new job with a new company, I’m not going to make all of my promises for the year right now.  As I see how my weeks shake out and what opportunities arise, I’ll make more promises as the year progresses.

For the moment, here are the promises I’m making for 2015:
I will work with my husband to get out of debt
This year, I will pray a rosary once a week for someone in need
I promise to lose these last 10 pounds, making my total net loss 100
I promise to call or message my mom once a week

because I said I would.

Happy new year.  May God’s blessings be abundant in our lives.

Live. Laugh. Love.


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