I’m seeing a pattern here

I had a roast beef sub today. It was glorious! It was the only sandwich in the deli case that didn’t have the forbidden “enriched” or “bleached” flour on the label.

I only intended to eat half of it for lunch. I put a little yellow mustard on the sandwich and took the leap. It was sooo good. I’ve not allowed myself any kind of bread for a long time and, oh my, was it delicious.  I finished the half and read the label again. Only 370 calories for the whole thing?  Heck yeah! I ate the whole thing. 

Now, here’s the most surprising part. I didn’t hit the wall at 1:30. In fact, I wasn’t tired all afternoon! That too hasn’t happened for a very long time. Maybe there’s something to this eating thing after all.

Even with the sandwich, I was no where near my calorie goal, which is okay, because I was no where near my exercise goal either. In fact, I haven’t hit either goal all week. And the needle on the scale is moving in the wrong direction. I’m beginning to see a pattern. Too little food and too little exercise may bring a low net calorie count, but does it do any good in terms of losing weight? Is it enough for my body to burn? I’m beginning to think not.


Plus 50 squats and 10 minutes of yoga stretching.

I have a feeling the scale won’t be kind tomorrow,  but that’s okay. I sure enjoyed my lunch today!

Live l. Laugh. Love.


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