Bone-spur-o-rama (five weeks before the half-marathon)


Yesterday was the day.  I was so excited to get out on the bike trail and run.  It’s been three weeks since I’ve been out and I was set to run six miles to make up for lost time.  There have been a whole host of reasons why I haven’t been out, some being the pain I’ve been experiencing from IT band and other muscle strain and the recurrence of my bone spur pain.  I have one right on my heel.  Three years ago, I was fitted for a running shoe and pain immediately went away.  But, a couple of months ago, I switched shoes (and then switched again) and it’s been this ongoing, one-thing-after-another ache and pain from my hips down;  the most recent being that the bone spur has reared its ugly head.  It’s been a constant thing for at least three weeks.  I’ve been icing my foot, wearing different shoes, using pain relieving cream, elevating my foot, eating Advil, stretching, you name it.

Yesterday morning, finally  feeling pain-free, I started my run.  As I reached mile one, bam!  The bone spur pain in my heel surfaced.  Ugh.  I kept going, trying to find some accommodation with form/stride/pace to relive the pain so I can keep running. Then the knee pain started.  Right outside on the joint.  After 2.78 miles in, I couldn’t bend my knee.  Accepting defeat once again, I hobbled a mile and a half back to the car.

With only five weeks left until the Half, I’m becoming very concerned.  This isn’t an injury, it’s pain management.  Will I find something that will work soon so I can get at least a little more training time in?  I’m not excited about walking the whole 13.1.  I’m heading back to my running store today to talk about the new shoe and what the recommend as far as an insert.  I will likely talk to a PT this week as well to see what short-term fix can be made so I can get to Indy and run-ish on November 7.


We will see.

Live.  Laugh.  Love


One thought on “Bone-spur-o-rama (five weeks before the half-marathon)

  1. Yikes! Hopefully you will find a way to manage the pain, at least long enough to finish the race. I have a half marathon in May and have recently discovered a bone spur on the outer side of one foot, but have been having foot pain for 3 1/2 months already. So frustrating. I can only imagine how frustrated you feel with your race so soon but you still have time to find a method 🙂

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