The “praying kind”

I’m praying for a lot today.  Please leave what your praying for in the comments section and I’ll pray for you too.

I gained weight this month…while on the weight loss medication.  Something’s gotta give. I’m praying that I figure out how to get my health back on track.

I’m praying that I find the energy and discipline to train the way I’m supposed to for the half marathon in five weeks.

I’m praying that my youngest son gets it together at school and turns his grades around.

I’m praying that my oldest son starts taking steps toward independence.

I’m praying that the auction I’m in charge of reaches its financial goal.  It will only happen due to God’s hand.

I’m praying that I stay focused when I work and capitalize on the opportunities that come my way.

I’m praying for our household finances.

I’m praying for my marriage.

In the words of the Angel Gabriel, “Do not be afraid”. (Luke 2:10)

Live. Laugh. Love.


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