A promise kept

I was driving in my car Tuesday, fervently praying the Rosary.  It’s rare that I pray a Rosary for myself, yet there I was, praying for a situation that I could no longer control and asking Mary to take it to Jesus.  I felt guilty and was apologizing while I was praying, for asking for something selfish. But, there was a lot riding on my reputation and something I was in charge of was in danger of failing in front of my peers, colleagues and about 400 other people.

Like I said…selfish.

I needed someone who would bid on a high-end auction package that my committee had for a few months.  If there were no bidders during the auction, it would be incredibly awkward and embarrassing, not to mention a huge hit to the fundraising goal.  I’ve been at auctions where the opening bid is something outrageous and you can hear the crickets, because they didn’t have anyone in the room to bid.  Now, it was not my job to find the bidders. That was for the committee.  My job was to create biddable packages. But, if there was no one to bid, then for all intents and purposes, I would be perceived in my professional circles as the wrong person for the job.

Like I said…selfish.

Bead after bead. Praying and apologizing. First decade, second decade.

I was praying super intently by the third decade.  Then I heard

I’ve got this“.

It startled me and I jumped back in my seat! What? Did I just hear that?  Did I just hear someone say “I’ve got this”? Yes, yes I did.  Clear as day.  Oh my gosh!  Okay, then.  You‘ve got this.

I felt a sense of calm as I smiled and finished praying my Rosary.

Thursday arrived, the day of the event.  I said to God, “Okay. I know you said you’ve got this.  I don’t know exactly what that means, or how this will all turn out, but I know that you said you’ve got it and I’ll be okay in the end”.  I had no idea if the auction would succeed or fail.  I had no idea if the repercussions from it, which ever way it went, would be short-lived or long-lasting, I just knew that from God’s point of view, everything would be okay.

About 20 minutes after I arrived at the site, another person on the committee came up to me. “We have a bidder!” OMG and Hallelujah!

Shortly after the doors opened, two more committee members found me. “I just heard that we have two more people who are going to bid on the trip!” Jiminy Christmas!  When He said “he’s got this”, he wasn’t kidding!

By the end of the auction, not only did we sell the trip (to a fourth group of people no one even KNEW about!), but we raised almost $5,000 over the goal.

He kept His promise.

On the way home, I was finishing up a Rosary that I began praying earlier that day and I suddenly realized the magnitude of what had happened.  He answered my prayer.  He kept His promise…to me. Of all the people on the world, who am I that Mary takes my prayers to God and He answers them?  My heart swelled with humility and I began to weep.

Life. Laugh. Love.


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