The message in my dreams

I’m a big believer that there are messages from God in our dreams sometimes.  The weirder the dream, the more profound and pronounced the message.  Dreams are an avenue for God to explain our present, warn us of pending danger, guide us through troubled times.

My dreams are not visions.  They are strange images or stories that seem to have nothing in common with each other or me, for that matter, but then a thread appears and weaves it all together in a cohesive fabric.

My dreams last night are a great example.  I had a dream about frogs.

I was going up the stairs from my basement when I saw a small toad.  Our window well is a haven for frogs and toads during the warmer months, so in my dream, I wasn’t surprised. Then I saw a frog-lizard that was about the size of my hand.  As I stared at it, trying to figure out what it was and how it got in my house, it clamped down on my finger that was pointing toward it.  Since it was a lizard, its teeth weren’t sharp, so it wasn’t biting me, but it wasn’t going to let go of my finger either.  With the frog-lizard hanging from my finger with its mouth, I took it upstairs, out of the house and across the street to the forest (in reality, there is a row of houses across the street, but then trees).  I put it on the ground and it let go of my finger and went away.  What about the other toad?  Don’t know…the dream ended.

The frog-lizard in my dream had more of a bullfrog body, but this is pretty darn close! Weird, because I’ve never seen anything like it until I googled “frog lizard” tonight. Courtesy of
Only to be followed by another one…

I was walking around the offices at work (which didn’t look like my actual workplace, but in my dream it was) and in each office, there was a bouquet of flowers for my manager.  This is nothing unusual.  People love her and with good reason.  She’s the kind of person that you just feel good being around.  Anyway, in this dream, the flowers were also addressed to me.  They were from some of our customers who were thanking us!  There was even a bouquet or two that was addressed just to me!  I was appreciated! Wow!

I thought a little bit about these dreams today, only because the frog-lizard was so weird, but short of that, I went about my day as usual.   Later in the evening, Big Minion and I watched a show about the Exodus. When the host was discussing the plagues, it hit me.  Frogs!

Here comes the cohesive fabric…

In my dream, the toad and the frog-lizard represent what’s plaguing me (my thoughts/my spirit/my very being) deep down–in my “basement”.  When I took the frog-lizard out of my house (my thoughts/my spirit/my very being) and let it go, what followed? People found joy through me, like they find through my mentor/manager.  That’s how the two dreams are connected.

The message in my dreams is simple really.  Let it go.  There are things that are affecting my house, clamping on to me and I need to gather them up and let them go.

God really does work in mysterious ways…even through frog-lizards.

Live.  Laugh.  Love.


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