No where to go but down

January 1, 2017. Happy new year!

How are those resolutions coming along so far?  Surprisingly, I’ve stuck to mine today.  There’s a lot to be said for little victories, right?

Today I:

  • Got up and went to Mass at 8:00 AM because if I didn’t, it would blow the plans for the rest of the day, and I’m tired of doing that. Then I….
  • Made a breakfast worthy of “Sunday morning” for myself and Big Minion. After that, I…
  • Watched a replay of the Mass from St. Peter’s Basilica, because Little Minion and our Junior Choir were singing there this morning.  He and Marathon Man have been in Italy since Monday and have had just a magnificent experience. Check out Marathon Man’s photos, videos and reflections each day of the trip on his Facebook page. They arrive home late tomorrow night.  I’ve missed them so much, but this was a once-in-a-lifetime trip and I am grateful to my core that they were able to go.  Later, I…
  • Took a two-mile walk and even trotted a little bit here and there.  This is HUGE.  I haven’t walked/run/done anything since the Indy Half Marathon in early November. Today, I got outside and did it.

    Photo cred: Me and Mother Nature

Why are these little victories such a big deal?  Well, because I spent a lot of 2016 not doing things I said I was going to do.  Don’t get me wrong, I had some fantastic accomplishments in 2016, but they were at the sacrifice of other things that I said I would do. Like run.  Stay away from the foods I know my body hates. Relax. Do things with and for my family. Take care of myself.  Not focusing on these little lifestyle commitments has resulted in a 40 pound weight gain in the last 12 months. 40 of the 90 I lost is back on.  And I feel horrible.  Lethargic. Fatigued.  Sluggish.  Disengaged. Unhealthy. Unhappy. And not as pretty as I used to be.  Yes, that’s important to me.

Will I ever lose weight again? Honestly, I doubt it.  The weight loss was primarily due to medication, which over time, ceased to be effective.  As soon as I was taken off the meds, the weight started piling on. Despite being back on a stronger dosage from February through November this year, I still gained weight.  There were other factors too.  I have been in pain for months due to my plantar faciiatis.  The pain is a stress on my body that I’m sure has attributed to some of the weight gain. It’s hard to motivate yourself to run on painful feet.  And, emotional stress was at an all-time high for me in 2016.  I can count on one hand the actual days I didn’t feel the weight of the world on my shoulders.

In spite of all that, I know that there are things I need to do that will help me feel better emotionally. If I happen to lose weight from it, great!  I just can’t gain any more. Whatever I do, it must be sustainable.  No more medication.  No fads or “weight loss programs” that cost a bazillion dollars.  Plus, I don’t want to change too much too fast.  It’s hard to measure what is actually the change agent when that happens.  So, I’m starting out with just a few simple things this month to see what might work:

  • I’m going to walk over 2 miles every day.  I’ve joined a “1000 miles in a year” challenge, which started today.  If I average 2.73 miles per day, I’ll reach the goal and can buy the medal ( I do like medals).
  • I will not eat anything after 7:00 PM.  Eating later at night with a sloth-like metabolism has not been a good idea.
  • If I relax with some wine at night, I will only have one glass.
  • Once a week, I’m going to give myself a little mini-spa retreat with a Lush bath bomb.

At the end of January, I’ll take stock and either add, subtract or change.  The whole idea is to feel better: mind, body and spirit.

I’d love to hear about some of the changes you’re making.  Leave a comment below :).

Live. Laugh. Love.


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