A new chapter

Yesterday was the last day in my career as a non-profit professional. I’m quite proud of my work during the last nine years and I do feel that I’ve had an impact on the organizations for which I’ve worked. But, to be honest, I’m disappointed that I didn’t do more. I waiver between feeling like I’ve made a difference and feeling like the level of leadership and influence I wanted to achieve was just not going to be a reality for me.

Personally rewarding as it was, when it was, my family has sacrificed a great deal. Never have we not struggled financially in the past nine years and often, my focus was on my work instead of on them. 

So begins a new chapter.  Next week, I return to the private sector and hope that I find success and fulfillment in my next career. 

Now, not everything is changing. I’m more energized than ever about my work in youth ministry and the work I can do for the Church.  Wherever God leads me, I’m happy to follow. And I still have my toes in a couple of volunteer committees that keep me connected to my community. 

But, I hope other changes are on the horizon. I hope to be on solid financial ground a year from now. I hope to be able to give my family what they need and deserve. I hope to develop a track record of success in my new job. I miss being considered an “expert” in my field and it would be nice to feel that way again.  I hope to get back the energy and the mindset I need to lose weight again. I’ve gained 50 pounds in the last two years and this has got to change. 

Wish me luck. Say a prayer for me. 

Here we go…

Live. Laugh. Love.


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