The root of the cause

For the past two years, I’ve been struggling with keeping off the 90 pounds I worked so hard to lose.  Struggling isn’t exactly the word…the pounds have come back like a bulldozer crushing every effort I make.  

I’m just going to say it…in August 2015, I weighed 177.  Today, July 2017, 234. 

Marathon Man and me after finishing the Indy Monumental full (him) and half (me) in 2015.

Today, 2017, back to “eeek!”.

The biggest problem I’ve faced is the daily pain in my feet from my bone spur and plantar fasciitis. The motivation to run or walk dissolves when I think about the pain I’ll be in for the days, weeks that follow.  I’ve tried pain relief gadgets, podiatrist tools, new running shoe after new running shoe, paleo, Atkins, sugar-free, alcohol-free, yada-yada-yada.

I’ve revisited all of the things that I thought worked the first time around (including the medication again), with negative success. 

I’d all but given up again, accepting that maybe losing weight was a fluke and that I’m destined to be fat.  But, this morning, something clicked. When I started “running” (aka when my body started falling apart), I had already lost some of the initial weight. What did I do before I ran?

There was the phentermine, yes. But I was also doing a squats/stretch program 3x a week. I was up to 80 squats a day when I started running.    Why did I stop? Because Dr. Quackovich said that it wasn’t helping me lose weight. So I focused on running. 

And I changed how I stretched my body.

And I got injured. T-band first. And then the Plantar faciitis returned. And then the bone spur pain.

Hmmm.  Were the squats keeping me stretched in a way to keep the foot pain at bay? Maybe.

I have an app from Fitness 22 that I love.  So I opened it up and did 18 squats and stretched for 10 minutes this morning.  The pain in my heel went away.  And I got a badge.

Acknowledge all of your small victories. They will eventually add up to something great. –Kara Goucher

Live. Laugh. Love.


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