No more excuses

Is failure okay?

There’s a growing movement in the business world that accepts failure, even celebrates it, because it’s seen as a risk-learn-reward opportunity. Try something (risk) and it doesn’t work the way you expected (fail), learn from that mistake and try again and again and again until you get the desired result (reward).

I’ve been failing at weight loss for two years. I’ve gained back 75+ pounds in just 24 short months; 25 of those pounds in the last four months. I try to use the risk-fail-reward mentality, but honestly, I’m getting tired of trying things and failing. Checking off the list of things that didn’t work, trying something new and failing again. I’m embarrassed to see people that I haven’t seen in a while because I know what they will think, because it’s what I think…”wow, she’s gained a lot of weight”. “Wow, she used to look good. She really let herself go.” “Guess she couldn’t keep the weight off”.

Here’s the truth. I hate failing. I feel like all I’ve been doing for the last two years is failing and I can’t stand it. No excuses, no circumstances, no reasons, can overcome how much I can’t stand not succeeding…in all aspects of my life. As a parent. As a wife. As a homemaker. As a Christian. As a professional. In money. In fitness. For me, personally, I cannot celebrate or accept failure, especially regarding my weight. I am not comfortable in my skin, in my clothes, with how I look or feel…any of it.

I don’t have a plan, but I have a goal. And that’s what matters. Starting today, right now, I will not accept any more of my excuses. They stand in the way of the person I used to be and want to be again. It’s time to just do this.

I can I willLet’s go.

Live. Laugh. Love.


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